Monday, June 15, 2009

U.S. needs to keep distance from Iran's election mess

With the Iranian election fiasco that saw President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad win by an unlikely 63 percent, the U.S. government would do well to take a page from its own recent presidential election history.

Allegations still reverberate today that George Bush stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. And no matter how distasteful was that victory, given the events over the last eight years; it was the U.S. Supreme Court that gave Bush the presidency.

The U.S. dealt with that election through rule of law, although how that law was applied remains subject to great debate. It was an internal matter solved for better or for worse by the democratic system. Likewise, the Iranian election of Ahmadinejad, whatever its flaws, is an internal issue that should not be the object of meddling by Western governments.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with your view that it was an internal matter but western media higlihgting it as a big issue

Ashley said...

I think you are a fucking idiot! Quit talking about America and our view points as if you were one of us! You look at people like Dick Cheney and automatically asume that the mass public supports him, well we don't! I do believe that we should be aware of terrorist threats HERE IN AMERICA but that doesn't mean that all of America are bigits! You seem to think that none of us can think for ourselves and see through the bullshit but we do! Why don't you worry about your own countries politics and stay the fuck away from ours?

Anonymous said...

Neda is a symbol of the government treatment of "green wave". It has been put on YouTube by Iranians to show cruelty of Ahmadinejad hatchet men - basijis.
You are talking about USA. In USA people do not write number of their candidate on ballot box. In USA candidates are not vetted by Gurdian Council, who from 200 candidates choose only 4 to run for elections.
You do not live in USA, neither do you live in Iran.
People living in ME and other muslims support Ahmadinejad because of his foreign policy, but you are not Iranian so you have no claim to tell Iranians who to support, how elections were conducted and who won. You accuse the West (read: USA) of many things, among other of meddling in other people affairs, why don't you do the same? Do what you preach, keep out. It is not your country.
And Iranian election is not a mess - you call it a mess Iranians call it a change.