Friday, June 12, 2009

One of Islam's greatest threats is Dick Cheney and those who bow to him

I finally discovered the threat to my well-being as a Muslim living in the West. His name is Dick Cheney.

At first I thought the threat was the anti-hijabers who want to pass laws banning head scarves in public buildings because they wanted to liberate the Muslimah from an oppressive patriarchal society. Or maybe it’s because modest women make men nervous. I dunno.

Then I was sure it was Fox News. They did their best to ridicule and then dissect President Obama’s speech to the Ummah. They were certain there were hidden messages to terrorists in his quotes of the Qur’an, and then wondered why he threw Israel and all Muslim women “under the bus” for reasons only they know. But then Fox newsman Shepard Smith expressed alarm over the crazies “way out there on a limb” over Obama. Suddenly, I have warm fuzzy feelings for Fox.

But, no. It’s Cheney.

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Jerry M said...

I have no idea if Cheney is a threat to Islam or Muslims, but as an American who voted for winner, I can tell you that Cheney is a threat to whatever values the US has left.

The idea that the US can manage to hold Charles Manson but not some equally misguided Arab or Pakistani terrorist is just so much foolishness. Cheney is both wrong and disloyal to US priniciples when he says that the only way we can thrive is to work outside of our own legal system.