Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Real Conspiracy Against Saudi Women

You may have read articles on some Arabic-language blogs identifying me as a member of and The blogs allege CyberDissidents and Movement are Zionist-backed groups that use some Saudi women’s rights activists as the puppets of Zionists.

Although lists my name, I am not identified as a member of anything. I am not a member of CyberDissidents, nor do I plan such a membership. My inclusion on the website’s list was done without my permission or consultation. As anyone with the slightest knowledge of the Internet is aware, we have no control over who publishes our names or what they say about us.

I have made it abundantly clear over the years that I am a patriotic Saudi. I do not seek wholesale changes in the Saudi government, and I certainly don’t want to see the Western concept of democracy in Saudi Arabia. Yes, I advocate for women’s rights, but within the context of Islam. That hardly makes me a dissident.

These blogs got their facts wrong, and not only have they put me in harm’s way but other Saudi women who have found themselves on without their knowledge. Most of these Arab blogs hide behind the cloak of anonymity. If there is a conspiracy involving Saudi women with a voice, it starts with these Arabic-language blogs that want to silence women with intimidation.

UPDATE: removed my name from the list per my request. An Egyptian blogger who is responsible for the original phony story will not cooperate.


Balqis De Cesare said...

Those names are listed there since long time
If I am not mistaken Carol found her included some years ago
One of those sites belong to foundation for defense of democracies, one of those think tanks that organise revolts in the ME
You may ask them to cancel your name or check with a lawyer if possible to do something, if you are not collaborating with them

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Come on Sheikha Sabria! You speak English and talk about human rights - surely that means you're just waiting to be liberated and deep down wish you were American, right?

I feel for you!

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

Just looked at the list of dissidents for Saudi Arabia. They seem to confuse blogger with dissident. Certainly Carol of American Bedu isn't a dissident (nor is she a Saudi resident any longer). The names I recognize aren't dissidents in any sense that I know.

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

I found myself on that list several years ago and resolved the issue with a simple email. They were apologetic and quick to remove me. I didn't think at the time it was malicious in anyway, just a lack of cultural sensitivity when it comes to the word "dissident" and what it means here in Saudi where - as we both know - dissent is a four-letter word. Good luck getting off the list. SGIME

Sabria Jawhar said...

I had a pleasant email exchange with the director of CyberDissidents and I am now off the list. The author of the Arabic-language blog was less cooperative. He has no intention of retracting his statements about me or the other Saudi ladies.