Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manal Al-Sharif's Statement to the Media

I would first and foremost like to express my profound gratitude to our leaders, in particular the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, for ordering my release from detention, a gesture that does not come as a surprise knowing the King’s benevolence toward his sons and daughters of this honorable country.

Concerning the topic of women’s driving, I will leave it up to our Leader in whose discretion I entirely trust, to weigh the pros and cons and reach a decision that will take into consideration the best interests of the People, while also being pleasing to Allah, and in line with Divine Law.

On this happy occasion, I would also like to affirm that never in my life had I been anything beside a Muslim, Saudi woman who aspires to remain in God’s good graces and to safeguard the reputation of our beloved country. And I will continue to uphold these values and principles until the day I meet my Creator.

Thanks to Allah, His compassion, then King Abdullah’s big heart, has helped me to persevere through my short ordeal.

That said, I was stunned to learn of the accusations hurled at my religious and moral beliefs especially that they originated from people I least expected to go down that route. I held my breath for those speaking in the name of religion and others-May Allah guide them rightly-to do me some justice, and that if I had done wrong to blame me only accordingly and fairly, without defaming my faith, creed, and moral system. For at the end of the day I’m everyone’s sister and daughter. How could they wound their sister and daughter with such charges? From the bottom of my heart I beseech Allah to shower them with his forgiveness for the serious harm they’ve caused me.

Furthermore, I must point out I do not authorize any individual to speak on my behalf or put words in my mouth, whatever their personal agenda.

Finally, I pray for the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. He is Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Translated by Zaki Safar via Archetype in Action


marwa ramzy said...

Congratulations Manal on the release but does not means giving up never on your case because I am an Egyptian woman and i drive the car and I know what it means to lead the women's car to spend what she needs without humiliation in a taxi or ask a man and he don't care or busy he does not meet the demands that she needs those who opposed women driving cars are scared of the superiority of woman and know that they are weak Therefore terrorize society that religion is the one who ordered it
But religion was acquitted that Here should be a separation between religion and culture must not confuse religion in the customs and traditions

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Nicely expressed. It's good she is free and able to move on now, because there was no need for any further "martyrdom". She's made her point - everyone is talking about the issue and she has skilfully sat the matter right in the lap of the "Maleek" with this statement.

Anonymous said...

Saudi society is taken by surprise at new expression of common sense . Good move Inshallah will be well received .

best regards

Anonymous said...

Her name is well registered in modern history of Saudi Arabia .

best regards

Anonymous said...

Truly Heroic