Monday, April 13, 2009

Intellectually lazy jihadists betray Muslims worldwide

The arrests of Pakistani university students in Manchester last week have sparked an unprecedented flurry of calls from the media and some British government officials to tighten immigration controls of foreigners entering the United Kingdom on student visas.

Although there are very few details about these 12 alleged militants, 11 of whom are Pakistani, the impact of their arrests on international students could be life-altering. I have no idea whether any of these young men are linked to Al Qaeda or that they had serious intentions of doing harm to Britons. These big arrests have a tendency to lead to small results. One of the 11 Pakistanis, an unidentified 18-year-old, has reportedly been released and waiting to be deported.

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Anonymous said...

nice article.. didnt see it on gazette

guru said...

I think you are the lazy one. because you are just writing in the second you hear some thing about 'extremist muslims'

and dont wait to the end of the story. didnt you here what happend to these students after their arresting. UK interior misnstry admmited that they all of them are innocent. and that cause a big shame to them,

but I think you didnt here this, I demand you to write an appology for this.